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Get what you need to take your business to the next level.

Expanding your trucking business -- and your profits -- takes a plan.  While we're helping you design your insurance plan, we're also looking for ways to provide the resources you need to do the kind of enterprise and government contracting that can transform your company.


Of course, helping our clients' meet these standards and compliance requirements starts with adjusting their Trucker's Liability, General Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, Trailer Interchange, Uninsured and Underinsured Driver coverage.

The next step involves the other resources that sets DNI Services apart.  We also specialize in preparing contractors and subcontractors to meet the bonding, cybersecurity, IT hardening, and HR infrastructure requirements necessary to pursue and maintain this level of contracting.

Why DNI?  Your goals are our focus.

Our focus on growth-stage contractors has led to several key capabilities that are central to the DNI Difference:

  • Direct partnerships with major carriers, FMOs, & SaaS providers

  • No-obligation consultations for custom enterprise/government contract preparation strategies

  • RFP experience with public entities

  • Financing and bonding through the SBA 

We'll help you get what you need and put it all in place.

Performance/Surety Bonding

All of the coverage, consultation, and education you need to contract or  subcontract on projects for government and beyond.

Cybersecurity Bonding
Securing the coverage needed to meet compliance requirements to 
protect against liability from cyber-attacks.

IT Infrastructure Hardening

Guidance and implementation of the software needed to harden IT infrastructure to enterprise/government standards.

Human Resources Support
Consultation and administration services needed to meet high-level scrutiny on human resources practices.

Ready to move ahead?  So are we.

Let us know when you want to get started and we'll begin working on your readiness plan for expanding into these lucrative marketplaces.  

There's two ways DNI Services can get your expansion plan underway.
Choose the one that's most convenient for you: 



FireShot Capture 121 - Mature Truck Driver Using A Mobile App Stock Photo - Download Image

Work with a professional that can show you how to prepare to comply with the standards for government & enterprise contracting.


Take advantage of a no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute consultation and get top-quality advice on how to grow and protect your company's profit, whether you decide to become a DNI client or not.

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You can call us now, to get your expansion plan started and recieve an E-Book you can refer to for trucking insurance fundamentals.

If you need assistance right now, just give us a call at 404-437-9164. We'll make sure you're getting a quote for what your business really needs and that you'll not only get a quote for the best rate but one that'll stick - no surprises.

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