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What is Occupational Hazard Insurance?


Almost any job can be risky, but some jobs are more dangerous than others.  Occupational Hazard Insurance offers invaluable coverage for anyone who works in a dangerous job. Learn more about Occupational Hazard Insurance, especially if you work in a dangerous occupation.

Your risk of injury or death increases when you work in a dangerous job. Occupational Hazard Insurance provides financial resources to you or your loved ones if you suffer an injury or die while performing your job. It’s protective coverage that gives you peace of mind.

Manager and Worker

Learn more about Occupational Hazard Insurance

What are the Benefits of Occupational Hazard Insurance?


Most Occupational Hazard Insurance coverage includes several benefits. Check your policy for details. In general, a policy will cover:


  1. Accident-related medical and dental expenses

  2. Accidental death or dismemberment

  3. Temporary or permanent disability

  4. Reduction in disability income

  5. Severe burn benefit

  6. Paralysis

  7. Survivors benefits

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