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Home Insurances are the types of insurances that protect against property losses to your home, auto, business, and against losses that may result from injury or damage to the property of others. Here are the basics of the different types of Property & Casualty insurance available.

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For the Homeowner

Homeowner’s Insurance

This protects your home and belongings against covered perils, such as theft, and acts of God such as fire, lightning strike, and hail to name a few. It typically includes liability coverage, which may help protect you in the event that you are found legally responsible after someone is injured at your home or if you cause damage to someone else’s property.

Watercraft Insurance

Pays for damages to watercraft and injuries to other boaters. Can pay for boat repair, and even towing.

While a boat or personal watercraft may be able to be added to your homeowner’s policy, usually your homeowner’s policy only covers only physical damage while the watercraft is actually on your property.

Motorcycle Insurance

Protects you in the event of a motorcycle accident by providing liability coverage when you are responsible for another person’s injuries or property damage. Replaces or repairs motorcycle from loss, theft or damage if comprehensive and collision are in place.

ATV, RV Insurance

ATV’s are sometimes covered on your homeowner’s policy when they are used for maintenance of the property, however in NC, when used for recreational purposes liability coverage is additionally required.  Due to the large variety of RV types and usage – some are used for camping while other are an actual residence, there is a vast difference in the coverage they require.

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella coverage provides a cushion for additional coverage that picks up where liability limits on a home or auto policy leave off. An example would be the protection of home and assets against a suit where the homeowner has caused injury to someone on, for example a bicycle.

Renters Insurance

If you are renting a home, renters insurance helps protect your personal property (furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.). Typically includes liability coverage if you are found responsible for damages to someone else’s property, or a guest’s injuries in your rented home. Coverage may also help pay for increased living expenses for a temporary relocation due to loss. Landlord typically has a policy to protect their building and their personal property but not your belongings as a renter.

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