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DNI will show you how you CAN get a lower rate on Worker's Compensation Insurance.

You may have heard that all Worker Compensation Insurance carriers have to charge the same rates.  If you're serious about controlling your costs, you need the rest of that story.   


In fact, 30-50% variance in Workers' Comp premiums between providers is common in today's insurance marketplace.

It is true that the cost or premium for Worker's Comp insurance does begin with a uniform rate that is determined by your state.  From there,  your agent and carrier have a responsibility to assess your business to make sure that every pertinent factor is considered to make sure your premium is in line with the unique day-to-day reality of your business.


Simply put, your Worker's Comp rates come down to the expertise of your providers.

Now that you know that there really is flexibility in Worker's Compensation pricing, let's take a look at all the moving parts that agents and underwriters take into account to customize a policy and rate for your business:


  • Experience Modification Factor

  • Management Experience

  • Payroll Size

  • industry Classification Code

  • Safety

  • Claims History

  • Prior Quotes


In a word, all of these factors and more can be summed up as underwriting.  DNI knows what kind of field and home office underwriting you need to get rates that keep your Workers Comp rates low without shortchanging you on coverage.

Let us help you shop around to find the very best Workers Compensation insurance rates possible.

There's two ways DNI Services can help you with Workers' Compensation.  Choose the one that's most convenient for you: 

Shop Rates


Workers with Safety Vests

Work with a professional that delivers the best workers' compensation insurance services available ...and much more.


Take advantage of a no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute consultation and get top-quality advice on how to grow and protect your company's profit, whether you decide to become a DNI client or not.

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You can call us right now to get the workers' compensation insurance information you need as well as an E-Book for your reference.

If you need assistance right now, just give us a call at 404-437-9164. We'll make sure you're getting a quote for what your business really needs and that you'll not only get a quote for the best rate but one that'll stick - no surprises.

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