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HR Benefits/Payroll/Time Tracking:
Make Your Employee Management a Competitive Advantage

  In today’s marketplace, our clients know that the companies that come out ahead leverage technology and knowledge for every competitive advantage they can find.  With irreplaceable resources and opportunities at stake, you need integrated HR, benefits, payroll, and time-tracking solutions to succeed. It all starts by addressing the HR and payroll challenges that are most important to you.

Click on one of the choices below and find out how we can help you turn your HR challenges into a competitive edge for your business.



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We know how hard it can be to compete for the best employees, retain them, and realize their full potential to help you grow.  


We offer solutions for small and medium-sized companies that only Fortune 500 companies used to have access to.   Call us, ask any questions you have, and we'll send you our HR/Payroll Guidebook...for reference, and for free.

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from DNI Services


DNI Services is supporting business owners with no cost, no-obligation services & tools to help them increase and secure their profits. 



DNI can help answer the tough HR and payroll questions that will determine the solution that’s right for you.


Take advantage of a no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute consultation and get top-quality advice on how to address your company's HR challenges, whether you decide to become a DNI client or not.

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